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Journal of Information Management

This journal publishes four issues at the end of January, April, July and October every year. Papers can be written in Chinese or English. Scholars at home and abroad are welcome to contribute. Under normal circumstances, this journal will complete the first round of review within four months after receiving a submission in the correct format. If you do not receive a notification letter by then, please be sure to contact our journal assistant.(submit.jim@gmail.com)。Please e-mail to submit.jim@gmail.com。

The complete submission process must include the following three files:

1. Cover Letter:
    Indicate the title of the submission document and the topic category to which you intend to submit. Explain the importance of this article.

2. Title Page:
    Including checking the submission topic category, article title, author list, contact information, email address, author resume, etc.

3. Manuscript:
    Chinese is in regular script, and English is in Times New Roman. The text is all in 12-point font, single-line spacing, no columns required, and includes (1) article title, (2) abstract, (3) keywords, (4) this article. , (5) Tables, bibliographies (2-character embossed characters do not need to be numbered) and appendices cited in the article; please be sure to check that the author's relevant information is not included in the article or in the format of the file (such as acknowledgments, etc.).

3. Manuscripts will be reviewed on-site and there will be no deadline.

4. Please edit your manuscript with Microsoft Word (for windows) and keep your own copy. Submitted papers will be double blindly reviewed by two experts and scholars.

5. This journal is an academic journal. Please keep your articles as concise as possible (no more than 25 pages on A4 paper as a rule). In accordance with international practice, this journal does not pay royalties.

6. For articles accepted for publication starting from January 2019, the publication fee after acceptance is NT$5,000 per article (NT$3,000 for members of the Information Management Association)/25 pages. After typesetting, an additional 500 yuan will be charged for each page exceeding one page.