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Submission Topics

Journal of Information Management is an academic journal published by the Information Management Society of the Republic of China to enhance academic research and exchanges on information management. Any academic discussion or case study related to information management that has not been published in other journals can be submitted. Related topics include the following twenty items:
1.AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics
2.Digital Sustainability, Sustainability Informatics and SDGs
3.Economic Impacts of IT
5.Enterprise Systems and Business Process Management
6.Fintech, Blockchain and Emerging Technologies
7.General Topics
8.Human Computer Interaction
9.Information Security and Privacy and Ethics
10.IS Education and e-Learning
11.IS Implementation and Adoption
12.IS Project Management and Outsourcing
13.IT Strategy, Leadership and Governance and value
14.Knowledge Management and Virtual Teams
15.Mobile Commerce and e-Commerce
16.Social Media, Sharing Economy and Digital Collaboration
17.Societal Impact of IS
18.Iot, Smart Cities, Services, and Government
19.Advances in Methodology, Theories, and Philosophy
20.User Behaviors, Engagement, and Consequences